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Atlantis – The new form of community

The corona crisis is urging us to open up for a new era. Those who want to hold on to the old times will run into difficulties in the expected chaos of the transition period. The new era needs new principles, a new approach to life andnew values. Those who take on the spirit of the new times right now will get through the crisis unharmed and energized, those who hold on to the old will suffer.
The transition period will take years. But already now the situation has changed for many: loss of work, loss of social contacts, loss of joyful activities. Some are on the edge of ruin, experience a broken relationship or a depressive energy. Still others, who are still doing relatively well, hide their heads in the sand and hope that the crisis will clear away like a fog in November.
But this crisis demands more. It wants us to raise our heads, to gain clarity about what is actually going on and where the deeper meaning could be personally and collectively as a society.