Atlantis – The new form of communityis the answer to the worldwide crisis

The corona crisis is urging us to open up for a new era. Those who want to hold on to the old times will run into difficulties in the expected chaos of the transition period. The new era needs new principles, a new approach to life andnew values. Those who take on the spirit of the new times right now will get through the crisis unharmed and energized, those who hold on to the old will suffer.
The transition period will take years. But already now the situation has changed for many: loss of work, loss of social contacts, loss of joyful activities. Some are on the edge of ruin, experience a broken relationship or a depressive energy. Still others, who are still doing relatively well, hide their heads in the sand and hope that the crisis will clear away like a fog in November. 
But this crisis demands more. It wants us to raise our heads, to gain clarity about what is actually going on and where the deeper meaning could be personally and collectively as a society.

Already years ago I was expecting a global crisis. It was clear to me that we couldn’t go on like this for long, more and more debts, destruction of the environment, bloody wars for resources. Then as now, I see the strongest moment for overcoming a crisis of this dimensions in a new form of community that lives according to the principles of the new era. The book „Atlantis – The new form of community“ originated out of these considerations. It was published in 2018 in German and in 2019 in Spanish. 
The foundation of the Atlantis communities is a philosophy that I have been following for more than a quarter of a century. I am talking about the „Principle of Unity“, the fact that everything is connected with everything.

Atlantis – The new form of community

This book introduces a new form of community that Karl-Heinz Rauscher developed on the basis of the philosophy „The principle of unity – Everything is connected with everything“.
It is published in German and Spanish.

The community of Atlantis starts within the human being and as a consequence it will form in the external, tangible world. The inner attitude is the soil on which the new time will grow. The symbol for the Atlantis community is the CIRCLE OF ALL, a circle in which all people stand in dignity with equal rights and equal importance. 

The principles of the Atlantis community are:

  • Everyone has the right to belong, regardless of their origin, skin color or social class
  • Everyone can buy a ticket to Atlantis at an imaginary kiosk by handing in any disrespect for themselves and for every other person. That seems like a high price to pay for some. But because disrespect is basically worthless, it should be possible to give it up. 
  • Then you are immediately standing in the circle of the community and meet everyone at eye level.
  • Giving comes before taking. You give something in the middle for the benefit of all without expecting anything in return. It can be a talent, a skill, land, money, knowledge, a service or other things. 
    Giving sets social life in motion in the community. Of course, you will get something back. This is a law of life. But that’s not why you give. You give because you have something to give. 
  • Nobody will be excluded. The only thing that can get you out of the community is a disrespectful attitude. As soon as you have disrespect, you are out of the circle. But as soon as you return to the kiosk and give up disrespect, you are back in the circle
  • The community will form around this person automatically. Over time, larger communities can be initiated from this around the world and live the principles of the new age

You can try it straight away and see how long you will be able to stay inside of the Circle of All, how long you are able to live without disrespectful thoughts about yourself and other people. It may be minutes at the beginning, but later it will be hours and days. The awareness of unity will help you in this. 
Read my article „Principle of Unity“ to learn more about this philosophy, which is the foundation of the Atlantis communities. If you want to share your thoughts with other people who are also in the Circle of All, you are welcome to write in the comment area of this blog. If you want to be informed about actual activities of Atlantis communities, simply subscribe to my newsletter.

The Principle of unity

This book introduces the principle of unity, the fact that everything is connected with everything. This insight enables us to understand the world and ourselves in an exciting new way.
It is published in German.

To experience the power of Atlantis right now, do the following exercise:

  • Take fifteen minutes in a quiet atmosphere. Close your eyes and let people appear in front of your eyes, no matter who. Be aware of what you think of each and every one of them. Take one step at a time, one person at a time. If you discover disrespectful thoughts in the process, take this disrespectful thought away from you and put it in a box. Do the same with every disrespectful thought you come across during this exercise. 
  • Now imagine standing in front of a large mirror and look at yourself. Be aware of what you think of yourself. If you discover a disrespectful thought in the process, take it away from you and put them in the box on top of all the other disrespectful thoughts which are already there. 
  • Now close the lid of the box and bring it to the kiosk, give the box to the ticket seller. The ticket you will get is the permission to enter the Circle of All. 
  • Now step into the Circle of All and look at the other people at eye level who are already standing there. Here’s the clou: These other people are all people you will meet from now on. Because you create the community of Atlantis around you by standing in the Circle of All. Nobody has to change. You change!
  • If you think disrespectfully again and fall out of the circle, put this disrespectful thought in a box immediately, take it back to the kiosk and get the next ticket. The ticket office is open day and night.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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