Insights of the Collective Constellation „Corona-Crisis”, July 4, 2021

Systemic constellations always show the truth, even the hidden one. That is why the insights of the collective constellation “Corona Crisis, which I facilitated in an online workshop on July 4, 2021, are so important and helpful. They give us clarity about the true background of Corona crisis. The truth is the foundation on which good solutions can be found. The following has been shown:

1. Humanity is under attack.

The attacker(s) modified the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus in the laboratory that it became more dangerous for people (change of function research) and then intentionally released it with full knowledge of its harmfulness. This is an attack on humanity that has already killed many people. It is a consciously executed mass murder
The attacker (s) are pursuing a secret plan that has global effects and targets humanity.

The perpetrators must be prosecuted and brought to an international court of justice for mass murder.

Naming the perpetrators and bringing them to justice is extremely important for collective peace on our planet. The attack created a high level of aggression in our societies. This is defense aggression. Humanity wants to defend itself. But as long as the perpetrators are not named and in prison, this aggression has no goal and no direction. It circles in society and after a short time begins to attack society from within. 
This is promoted around the globe by politicians, who are obviously controlled by the perpetrators in the background, by dividing society into vaccinated and unvaccinated people. One side is mobilized against the other side in a global propaganda battle.
This protects the perpetrators. As long as parts of the population see the guilt in another part of the population, the perpetrators are protected from the aggression of humanity. The aggression of a separated society, which is directed against parts of the population, although the entire society is the victim, is a symptom of a collective auto-aggressive disease that leads to a general weakening and self-destruction of society, possibly into  civil wars.
To cure this auto-aggressive disease, the defense aggression must be directed towards its real target, that is, towards the perpetrators.
The knowledge that these perpetrators exist and that they are responsible for the death and ruin of so many people is the prerequisite for this.
This starts with each and every one of us. If you personally accept this truth and allow yourself to be conscious about it, you become part of the solution. Because if many people realize the truth about the perpetrators, the necessary collective pressure can be exerted, which leads to the perpetrators being arrested and brought to an international court of justice.

The “gain-of-function research”, with which a virus is designed to become more dangerous for humans, must be internationally outlawed and punished with high penalties, because it continues at the moment. New genetically modified pathogens can be used in the future for new attacks on humanity. Humanity must protect itself from this. We all have to protect us from this.

The perpetrators must be brought to an international court of justice

2. All currently known corona vaccines are harmful to health or have no helpful effect.

Vaccines checked in the constellation:
Aggressive vaccines: Sputnik, BioNTec/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm.
Vaccines that do not show any significant effect: Sinovac, Moderna

Stop the vaccinations. Don’t get vaccinated, under no circumstances. No more booster vaccinations.

3. An original collective trauma exists in the background of humanity and thus also in the background of the attackers.

That is one of the most important insights. The causes of the current attack on mankind go back to “ancient times”, many thousands of years ago.
Just knowing that this initial trauma exists (without knowing the details yet) has great energetic effects:

  • The attackers lose all aggression and burst into tears in deep sorrow.
  • The plan and also the “attack on humanity” loses all energy
  • The Covid19 disease is disappearing
  • The truth shows great sadness and despair, feelings that fit to the initial trauma of humanity

    Note: These effects do not affect society as a whole right away, but appear in the personal environment of those people who open up to the knowledge that this initial collective trauma has occurred. As soon as you accept this knowledge as truth, the effects of the Corona crisis in your personal environment will soon weaken. Because personal consciousness plays an important role in this.

4. Original collective trauma on earth

Extraterrestrial beings, who had run out of oxygen on their own planet, fled to earth. In order to take control of the earth, they killed the leadership class of humanity and all humans who resisted to be enslaved. This was a planned depopulation of the human leadership class, carried out by extraterrestrial beings around the globe.They enslaved all other humans they could catch for necessary work. The murdered and the enslaved humans are the ancestors of all humanity today. The ancestors of today’s attackers apparently belong to the exterminated leadership class of ancient humanity.

Isn’t it interesting that there was already a division and separation of society taking place in the original trauma? The extraterrestrial perpetrators separated humans into those who they killed in a well-directed depopulation and those whom they needed for slaves.

Aliens occupied the earth and enslaved humanity

5. Original trauma on the foreign planet:

The original trauma on earth had a precursor on the foreign planet: The extraterrestrial beings who came to earth were the elite of the foreign planet. They had already set up an enslavement system there, a power-over system. When the oxygen ran out (possibly due to overexploitation of this planet and its plants), the enslaved inhabitants of this planet stayed behind. Only the elite managed to escape to earth.
The enslaved beings on the foreign planet had breathing devices like oxygen masks over their mouths and noses, through which they sucked in the last remains of oxygen until they finally suffocated.

Note: It could be that the masks we wear today in the Corona crisis symbolically remind us of the original suffocation trauma on the foreign planet and there breathing devices.

Unresolved trauma has a tendency to repeat itself throughout history. A trauma is unsolved if the souls of the traumatized people or beings are still energetically frozen in the trauma.
In the repetitive trauma in later times, there are always symbols that remind us of the original trauma in astonishing detail.

The original trauma on earth (murder and enslavement of humans) was already a repetition of the traumatic processes on the foreign planet.
By the elites of the foreign planet the arrogance of an elite class, the idea that there are elitist beings and subordinate beings, and the associated “power-over paradigm” was imported to earth and immediately established. 
Elitist attitude, exploitation of humans and nature, was not part of the human existence before the aliens came. Human qualities were and still are: heartfelt connectedness, mutual respect, respect for nature, community. This is the core of humanity!
The power-over paradigm was imported, forced upon us by force. It is basically alien to us humans. Through this a cascade of trauma was started that has continued to this day. In the course of decades and centuries the descendants of the victims became perpetrators and vice versa. Often the aggression, which was actually meant to hit the former perpetrators, shifted to innocent peoples or ethnic groups, which in turn triggered a cascade of trauma in those. In this way, over time, peaceful peoples can become perpetrators and attack other innocent peoples or ethnic groups

Also, the aggression of the attackers who attack mankind today with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and who use the corona crisis to gain power over mankind, ultimately trying to enslave us, can be seen as a repetition of the original trauma, in which the human ancestors of today’s attackers were murdered. Because the phenomenon that the descendants of victims become perpetrators and murderers, dominate and kill innocent people, is well known. They often use the same methods as the perpetrators who murdered their ancestors. They show the same mentality, the same feeling of arrogance up to complete disrespect for their fellow humans.

Let’s concentrate powerfully on our human core competencies:
Heart quality, love, compassion, mutual respect, respect for nature and cosmos, community.
Let’s develop a We-Feeling as humanity. Nobody stands outside. All humans are our people. Humanity is our nation!
Let’s connect to each other at eye level with deep respect. 
Economic participation in win-win transactions only.
No more exploitation. No exploitation of people. No exploitation of nature.

The feeling of being supreme to other people belongs the elite perpetrators of an alien planet. It has nothing to do with us humans. If you recognize this attitude in yourself, look at it as something alien. This often helps to let go of supremacy immediately and to feel deep respect for the other person.

Very important:
Let’s resist any form of slavery
Let’s resist any tendency that hurts our freedom and puts us into slavery.
Also let’s not accept that we are or become part of a system that enslaves other people. 
Let’s build communities in free spirit.

6. „Healing Voices“ can heal the original trauma

The shamanic healing method „Healing Voices“ is able to heal the original trauma and thereby contribute to the solution of the actual global crisis.
These energetic healing forces, with which I work as a medium in constellations, essentially do two things:

1. They destroy the perpetrator energy. As a result, the perpetrators are energetically disempowered. The aggression of the perpetrators leaves the system, in this case the energy field of humanity

2. They help the souls of the victims out of the trauma of violent death or enslavement. In the collective constellation of July 4th, 2021, Healing Voices worked with the beings who died of oxygen deprivation on the foreign planet, plus with the murdered humans and the enslaved humans who suffered the original trauma on earth.

The shamanic healing powers of Healing Voices heal collective trauma

After the shamanic healing, the following healing effects showed in the constellation:

  • All perpetrators of the original trauma on the foreign planet and on earth are disempowered.
  • The victims on the foreign planet stand quietly without masks as if they were at a funeral.
  • The victims on earth are released from the trauma, reconnect with each other, stand in a large circle and dance a rhythmic dance with drums and chants.
  • The attacker(s) who is responsible for the actual attack on humanity by Corona sees what he or she has caused and can hardly believe it. There is beginning regret.
  • Truth wants to be projected on the wall.
  • Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease are getting weaker 
  • Mandatory vaccination loses energy.
  • Mankind is about to understand, looks back, sees the victims on the foreign planet, sees what happened on earth (original trauma), sees the disempowered perpetrators all on the ground, sees the victims of the depopulation of the original trauma and the formerly enslaved ancestors of today’s humanity standing in a circle and forming a community again. Obviously, humanity still needs time to understand this new energetic reality and to integrate it into its collective consciousness. But it happens! Little by little, humanity understands all of these connections. But it still needs time, step by step.

  • After that, mankind feels relief and can open up to the future.
  • Healing for humanity is still needed and holds the hand over humanity in order to build up more positive energy in humanity over time.
  • The corona vaccinations collapse, as well as the vaccines, except for Sputnik, which remains aggressive.

    Note: All of these effects do not happen right away in all humanity, but, as far as we know today, they happen in the energy field of all people who experience this constellation and the shamanic healing directly or who later watch the video recording of this constellation online. Those people will benefit from this constellation who trust its healing effects and the insights that show the deeper truth provided by the constellation.
    I know it is not easy to immediately believe all of this and accept it as the truth, since it breaks the limits of our normal imagination. 
    I admit that it was also difficult for me to believe it when I first saw the connection to the extraterrestrial perpetrators. That was in my first constellation for the Corona crisis a year earlier in May 2020. But I know from decades of experience that constellations always show the truth. Over time I got used to the reality of this original human trauma. Today I don’t find it so extraordinary anymore. If it happened that way, that’s how it happened.

    If you want to benefit from this knowledge, all you need to do is accept this truth for 24 hours. You always have the option of making a new decision the next day and not believing it anymore. But in these 24 hours you could have experiences that convince you. Then you no longer need to believe. You will know. Because you feel different and your environment feels different.

    Of course, it would help if you watch the recording of the constellation in full length (2 hours). Then you can also enjoy the healing effects of Healing Voices at the end of the constellation.
    The more people are aware of the insights of this constellation, the more powerful the healing effects on whole society will be.
    Be part of the solution! The courage for this you will find in yourself!


  • Humanity is under attack. The perpetrators who carry out this attack through the intentional release of corona virus SARS-CoV-2 must be prosecuted and brought to an international court of law for mass murder.
  • All currently known corona vaccinations are harmful to health.
    Consequence: Stop the vaccinations. Do not get vaccinated or continue to be boostered.
  • An original collective trauma of humanity exists in the background of the current Corona crisis. Extraterrestrial beings fled a long time ago from a foreign planet because of oxygen shortage. On earth they killed the leadership class of humanity and enslaved many of our ancestors.
  • The healing of this original trauma is necessary to overcome the current crisis. This happens on two levels:

    1. At the level of consciousness. Let us be touched by the truth that this trauma occurred to humanity, for the honor of our ancestors and for our rescue.

    2. With the help of the shamanic healing powers of “Healing Voices”, which have the ability to free the souls of our ancestors from the energetic freezing caused by this original trauma. This will make it much easier for us to overcome the current crisis.
    Experience the collective, shamanic healing by viewing the recording of the collective constellation from July 4th, 2021 here.
    Direct link:
  • Let us concentrate powerfully on our core competencies as human beings:
    Heart quality, love, compassion, mutual respect, respect for nature and the whole cosmos.
    Let’s develop a We-Feeling as humanity. All human beings belong to us! Humanity is our nation!
    Let’s form new communities where we live these qualities together.
    Read the article Atlantis – The New Form of Community. It gives you more insights how to build new communities. 

    Now take a look at the recording of the collective constellation „Corona Crisis“ from July 4, 2021:


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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