How revenge aggression leads to auto-aggressive diseases

Finally, a glimpse into a hidden world

There are basically two types of aggression. The first type is the perpetrator’s aggression. It is aimed at other people who have done nothing to provoke the perpetrator’s aggression.
The second aggression is defensive aggression. Under certain circumstances it can become revenge aggression.

Defensive aggression is a healthy response to an attack. Everyone fights back when being attacked. You protect life and limb, your own and you loved ones. All power is mobilized to defend life. You fight back.
Defensive aggression is aimed at the aggressor, the perpetrator. If you cannot show defensive aggression because you are too weak, trapped, afraid for your life, or you come too late, then you have a problem. The perpetrators are gone, no longer available. In this case, the defense aggression becomes revenge aggression.
One wants to take revenge, bring aggression to the target, to the perpetrators. If you don’t get hold of the perpetrator, revenge aggression cannot come into motion. It remains in your own energy field and in your own body as a destructive force that circles inside of you without having any direction. Revenge energy follows the law of conservation of energy, which says that energy cannot dissolve into nothing, but can only transform itself by releasing energy, thus having an effect following its nature. 
If revenge aggression gets stuck in a person because the perpetrators whom it wants to attack cannot be reached, it begins to turn against body and soul of this person. The consequences are auto-aggressive diseases, e.g., cancer, rheumatism, polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis, polymyalgia, rashes, allergies, depression with suicidal risk, life threatening accidents and much more.

In symptom-constellations, this dynamic can be found in many auto-aggressive diseases, if revenge aggression is located in the client’s energy field..

Revenge aggression has its origin in two areas:

  1. Family System (most common case)
  2. Former Incarnations

Family System:

A family member of a previous generation witnesses innocent, defenseless people being attacked or murdered. This family member is not one of the perpetrators, but has the impulse to help the victims and to take action against the perpetrators, but suppresses this impulse because he or she is trapped and helpless (e.g. Holocaust survivors) or is in fear of also being shot (e.g. soldiers who witnessed war crimes).
Often the ancestor arrived too late on the scene, the murders had already happened, the perpetrators had left, but he or she saw the dead bodies. It was too late to take action.

Many of our ancestors experienced such situations in WWI, WWII or other wars and genocides. Those who survived the war or the Holocaust often took revenge aggression home. Even when they wanted to forget what happened in order to somehow continue to live a “normal” life, revenge energy stayed right there, circulated in their bodies and souls, was part of their own energy field and was passed on to their descendants over several generations via epigenetic processes. There it can trigger auto-aggressive and autoimmune diseases in the descendants.

If in a constellation a family member shows aggression in connection with war crimes or genocide, this does not always mean that this family member (father, grandfather or great-grandfather) is a perpetrator. One has to look carefully in every single case to whom this aggression is directed. If it focuses on the victims, then that family member was a perpetrator. If the aggression focuses on the perpetrators, it is likely revenge aggression. This means that the family member was not a perpetrator, but was one of the compassionate people, who had no possibility to protect or take revenge for the victims. 

As soon as it becomes clear in the constellation that the ancestor is filled with revenge aggression and that the perpetrators are the target of that revenge aggression, the ancestor already feels relief: “Finally somebody understands what happened to me.”
At the same time, you can often see a weakening of the auto-aggressive disease in the constellation. Simply by knowing the connections, by becoming aware of what has happened, a healing movement is already started.

But the original trauma has not yet been resolved. The revenge aggression, which is already leaving the ancestor in the constellation and wants to attack the perpetrators, has not yet reached them. The perpetrators still show their aggressive perpetrator energy, the victims are still frozen in the trauma of violent death. In such situations I offer my clients to work with the shamanic healing energies of “Healing Voices”. 
These universal healing energies surround us all the time. They are powerful and often willing to help us humans. By making myself available as a medium for these healing powers, they can have a healing effect in the client’s energy field. This leads to an astonishing phenomenon:
The healing powers of “Healing Voices” focus the revenge aggression on the perpetrators, disempower them, literally destroy them and thus achieve that the perpetrators and their aggression vanish energetically from the family system and thus from the energy fields of the descendants.

The family member who actually witnessed the attack by the perpetrators on the victims is thus freed from revenge aggression. Thereby revenge aggression also leaves the energy field of the descendants. The auto-aggressive disease loses its source from which it could nourish itself. In the constellation this shows by the disease going to the ground having the feeling of “disappearing into the earth”. At this point, healing is already achieved on the energetic level.
On the physical level, it often takes some time until the body cells adjust to the changed energetic situation and improvement of symptoms can be felt. Over the course of several weeks, stressful medication such as cortisone for rheumatism or antidepressants can be reduced or stopped.

Former Incarnations

Trauma in a previous incarnation can also provoke revenge aggression.
Often revenge aggression against the perpetrators is caused by murder of the one who you were in the previous life. This type of revenge aggression has the potential to overcome the boundary between the incarnations and then appear in the energy field of the present life, circles in the body and can also trigger auto-aggressive diseases. Depression for example also caries auto-aggression, as it can lead to the maximum of self-destruction in suicide.

In such cases, too, I work with Healing Voices, which, just like in a family constellation, focus revenge aggression on the perpetrators.
A typical example is the torture and murder of people by the thugs of Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. But there are many other examples in different epochs

For facilitators of a systemic constellation it is essential to know the processes and mechanisms of revenge energy in human psyche. Then they can recognize revenge aggression in the constellations and find good solutions for the clients.
Since blocked revenge aggression hides deep in the unconscious, so initially nobody is aware of it, I recommend to do a symptom-constellation for every auto-aggressive disease in order to find the real energetic cause. Of course, also other energetic backgrounds of these diseases exist. However, the likelihood is high that revenge aggression is involved.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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  1. Lieber Herr Doctor Rauscher!

    Nett dass Sie immer an mich denken, ich brülle meinen Ärger hinaus, mache Die Türe zu und alles ist gut. Ich denke ich bin ein glücklicher und zufriedener Mensch.

    Ich wünsche Ihnen ein wunderbares , gutes und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr.

    Ganz freundliche Grüße von

    Helga Herberg

    Von meinem iPad gesendet



    • Liebe Frau Herberg,
      Sie bekommen meinen Newsletter, weil Sie dort eingetragen sind.
      Ich bin mir nicht sicher. Wollen Sie denn den Newsletter weiter bekommen?

      Ärger auf eine gute Weise los zu werden, ist eine Kunst, vor allem wenn man will, daß derselbe Ärger nicht zurückkommt.

      Ich wünsch Ihnen ebenfalls ein Gutes und Glückliches Neues Jahr 2022.

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher


  2. Very helpful Karl-Heinz,

    I didn’t really understand what happens with the Healing Voices or what you do there. I would love to participate in a constellation with this subject matter to experience the movements and the resolution. Do you offer online groups where I could participate?

    Shelley Harrison
    facilitator in Quebec, Canada


  3. Thank you. This is very informative. However, I miss the systemic aspect of this story. What about the aggression which is systemic? The aggression which is unconsciously taken over by some other member of the system. Or the aggression which we experience due to the unconscious identification with a perpetrator. These are also dynamics that we often encounter in family constellations.These can be identified and resolved through the movements of the spirit, as demonstrated by Hellinger. I am sure, the healing voices can be a very helpful addition to the healing movement. Warm greetings from Croatia. Alemka 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • Hi Alemka,
      you are right there is much more to say about aggression in all its facets. One could write a book or even a series of books about the issue.
      This article shows the not so well known story about revenge aggression and its link to autoaggressive disease.

      Merry Christmas


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