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Women + Men – A collective constellation

Insights of the Collective Constellation „Women + Men“ on July 4, 2021 

The field of relationships between women and men is stressed in many societies around the world and characterized by prejudice, mutual disrespect and aggression. The deeper cause of that is collective trauma of the past. Most people are not aware of that at all. We feel the unpleasant emotions touching us from the collective energy field, mistaking them for our own, and projecting the guilt onto our partner or even onto the other gender overall.
Although unconscious emotional energies of the collective level of society are at work here, these energies are quite capable of impairing or even destroying personal happiness. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the influence of collective burdens on couple relationships is still not very widespread.

The worldwide community of systemic constellators has therefore been trying for decades to uncover the connections between the personal energy field and the collective energy field of society or even of humanity as a whole. So it was no surprise when the field of conflict between women and men was made a topic by the group of the online workshop for collective constellations which I offered on July 4, 2021.

The collective constellation „Women + men“ in this workshop lasted 2 hours and included 26 positions. It was videotaped in English and is freely available to everybody on YouTube via the following link:

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How revenge aggression leads to auto-aggressive diseases.

Finally, a glimpse into a hidden world

There are basically two types of aggression. The first type is the perpetrator’s aggression. It is aimed at other people who have done nothing to provoke the perpetrator’s aggression.
The second aggression is defensive aggression. Under certain circumstances it can become revenge aggression.

Defensive aggression is a healthy response to an attack. Everyone fights back when being attacked. You protect life and limb, your own and you loved ones. All power is mobilized to defend life. You fight back.