Insights of the Collective Constellation „Women + Men“ on July 4, 2021 

by Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

The field of relationships between women and men is stressed in many societies around the world and characterized by prejudice, mutual disrespect and aggression. The deeper cause of that is collective trauma of the past. Most people are not aware of that at all. We feel the unpleasant emotions touching us from the collective energy field, mistaking them for our own, and projecting the guilt onto our partner or even onto the other gender overall.
Although unconscious emotional energies of the collective level of society are at work here, these energies are quite capable of impairing or even destroying personal happiness. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the influence of collective burdens on couple relationships is still not very widespread.

The worldwide community of systemic constellators has therefore been trying for decades to uncover the connections between the personal energy field and the collective energy field of society or even of humanity as a whole. So it was no surprise when the field of conflict between women and men was made a topic by the group of the online workshop for collective constellations which I offered on July 4, 2021.

The collective constellation „Women + men“ in this workshop lasted 2 hours and included 26 positions. It was videotaped in English and is freely available to everybody on YouTube via the following link:

Collective Constellation „Women + Men“, July 4, 2021

The insights about the collective dimension that were emerging in this constellation are valuable and far-reaching. The new solutions that showed up came as a surprise to many.

I am writing this documentation to spread the news about the historical and collective psychological interconnections in the energy field between women and men. Because the insights of this constellation are game changing.

To understand what is going on in a collective constellation, one must first know that professional constellations always show the truth. The truth that you already know shows up just as clear as the hidden truth that no one sees so far because it hides in the collective unconscious. But from there it is all the more effective by triggering relationship conflict.
In order to really understand what is happening in depth, we would have to be able to look into the collective unconscious. Exactly this is happening in a collective constellation. When you know the deeper truth, you suddenly see completely different, surprising solutions. That is why collective constellations are so valuable.

The constellation

In the first phase of the constellation, we set up the positions that were considered essential by the group to reflect the starting situation (see list in attachment). We agreed that our clients, the people for whom we were making this constellation, are all women and men currently alive. Of course, this also meant that everyone present was also part of this clientele.
After the most important positions were set up, we collected the information from the knowing field.

The following showed:

At the beginning, women feel somewhat disappointed and frustrated. They have no eye contact with men. It is interesting that women notice a sacred tree that had been cut. This gives a first clue that nature and spirituality of the far past could play a role.

Men feel weighed down, carry some kind of heartache and look at women with helplessness. What do women really want?

The problems indicate that they are numerous. They suggest that togetherness may be part of the solution. The message of the problems says that we need to look deeper into the backgrounds of women to see the root cause of the problems. Stomach pain may be part of this. One of the messages of the problems says that, despite all the heaviness that accompanies the issue, we will also need humor to find a good solution.

Personal and also collective problems are often caused by unresolved traumata of the past. The involved trauma I call „original trauma“ because the actual problem originates in this trauma. Therefore we set up the „original collective trauma“ in the background of women. It is strong and very aggressive. By its effect it shows that it really exists. As soon as the original trauma appears in the constellation and thus also in the consciousness of everyone present, women are overwhelmed by vibrating fear. Plus extremely strong anger wells up in them, while men do not even notice the original trauma and do not know what to do.

Collective traumata which evoke such fear and anger in people living much later usually is connected to murder or even mass murder. Therefore I set up four victims of the original trauma for may be many more. They all indicate that they were hanged.
The perpetrators are organized in a hierarchically structured perpetrator system. This is shown as I set up 6 perpetrators one at a time until the leading perpetrator shows up in the field. In a constellation the highest-ranking perpetrator can be recognized by the fact that he or she radiates the highest level of aggression.
In this constellation, the highest perpetrator showed such hostile aggression wanting to destroy all life that the impression emerged that he could be mentally possessed by a negative, inhuman energy.
This phenomenon is known from mass murderers who make themselves to henchmen of an absolutely evil force and thereby lose all humanity.
As I set up this negative energy in the background of the highest perpetrator to test if it really exists in the context of the original trauma, it shows up clearly. The intensity of the aggression and hostility to life in this position is immense. It presents as an inhuman, almost demonic force.

At this point of the constellation, we already know now that the problem that stands between women and men worldwide can be traced back to an original trauma in which a leading perpetrator who was occupied and directed by a negative power murdered many people by hanging or other ways of killing through a hierarchical organization.
The question now is in what context that happened.

Truth heals

The fact that we all know this significantly changes the emotional state of today’s women and men. The women feel much calmer and show a sigh of relief. Obviously truth has healing power. Women still feel somewhat burdened, but aggression and fear disappeared.
Today’s men see the negative energy now. Men are totally fearless. They say: „Now we know!“

Just knowing about the existence of the collective trauma already changes the feelings of women and men in a positive way. We see a certain degree of relief in women and an increase in clarity and strength in men.
Even the problem that stands between women and men is clearly losing energy and withdraws quite a bit.

Yet in this phase we do not know any details about the circumstances in which the original trauma occurred. The following question arises at this point: Were the murders driven by religion or not? Historically, there are examples of both possibilities.
The test position „Religion“ shows a very strong, aggressive connection to the highest perpetrator and the negative energy behind him. I set up Catholic Church as the next test position. It immediately becomes clear that the religion involved is Catholic Church.
“Jesus Christ”, which I set up following the suggestion of a participant, collapses with the exclamation “My God” in great sorrow for what happened.

History matters

At this point some historic background information may be helpful.
Perpetrator systems driven by religion use torture and killing to maintain or increase the power and influence of a particular religion.
Since the Catholic Church was the driving force in the perpetrator system involved, it is probable that the original trauma is the genocide of the followers of the original natural religions in the sense of witch hunts.

It is historically known that over the centuries Catholic Church waged ongoing wars against the original religions of the newly conquered areas. The method was to demonize the old values and world views by torturing and murdering all those who still followed the old religion. Particularly at risk were women and men who had ancient healing and herbal knowledge and continued to use it. They were persecuted and murdered as witches or sorcerers.

Many original religions were matriarchal and taught a completely different world view, diametrically opposed to Catholic dogma. This world view was generally positive towards life and saw all human beings in deep unity with Mother Earth. The earth was considered sacred. The body, as part of the earth, was sacred too. Thus, sexuality was also sacred in any form (as long as it harmed no one). The fruits of love, children, were the most sacred and deserved the full support of the entire community.
Plus, the people who lived in the matriarchal nature religion knew that they were always surrounded by energetic healing powers. They also had the knowledge how to honor and invite these healing powers to bring healing.
Destroying the matriarchal, holistic worldview and erasing it from people’s consciousness was the aim of the aggression of all patriarchal religions, above all Catholic Church, which flagellated the body, demonized sexuality and considered women to be the fundamental evil.
So the goal was not only to murder these people, but to wipe out the ancient healing knowledge and the world view that stood behind it.

The Goddess

Many people associate the positive world view of the matriarchal original religions described above with the term „Goddess“. In order to represent this positive principle of life in the constellation and to find out if it plays a role in healing the problem between women and men, I give the Goddess a position in the constellation. The goddess shows maximum fear and a clear connection to the original trauma.
This is a clear indication that Catholic Church has actually succeeded in breaking the positive world view of the goddess in society through the genocide of millions of people and in this way removing it from people’s consciousness and weakening it to the maximum.
Also the „Healing powers of the victims“ are tied up and suffer from torture. This mirrors in a strong weakening of the „Healing powers of today’s women“. These kneel on the ground next to women and suffer, unable to do anything. The „Healing powers of today’s men“ also show total inactivity.

The Healing Powers of today’s women and today’s men are weak!

We now have a clear picture of the original trauma in the constellation and know what happened and why. This knowledge has already positively changed the feelings of women and men. But there is still no connection, not even eye contact between women and men. Although the healing has taken its first steps, it is far from complete.
This has to do with the fact that the original trauma is still fundamentally unresolved at this point. The souls of the victims are still trapped in trauma, their healing powers broken and the positive world view of the Goddess disempowered, while the aggression of the perpetrators and the demonic influence of a negative energy behind them is still strong. It feels like the trauma never stopped and is still constantly happening.

The consciousness of us humans is important and necessary to recognize and uncover the processes in the background. This has already caused a healing effect to a certain degree. But our consciousness and the insights we collect do not have the power to change the emotional state of the people who have experienced or caused the trauma. As humans, we don’t have that power.

But there are healing powers in the universe that can do this. I’m talking about shamanic healing powers. They are connected to the very source of the universe, are present everywhere and at all times and are powerful enough and willing to support and help us humans. I have been working with these healing powers for more than twenty years. The method that has proven itself over time I call Healing Voices because sounds play an essential role in it. The shamanic healing powers unfold in a very special way in personal and collective constellations.

Healing Voices in Action

In the collective constellation „Women and Men“ it is the right time now to invite the healing powers of Healing Voices to initiate a healing movement in all affected levels of the constellation and thus in the collective energy field.

The shamanic healing of the collective energy field lasted 15 minutes.
You can experience it even in the video recording of this constellation. It unfolds its full effect also for people watching the recording. See Youtube link:

What is interesting now is what was achieved by the shamanic healing powers in the collective field. The most important changes were:

The negative energy is destroyed and disempowered. It left the system. Also Catholic Church, perpetrator 6 (the highest perpetrator) and perpetrator 5 are destroyed and disempowered. As a result, they have left the energy field of today’s women and men.
The destruction and disempowerment of negative energies and the perpetrators who are closely attached to negative energies is a phenomenon that occurs regularly in constellations through Healing Voices .

The remaining perpetrators (1,2,3 and 4) kneel in front of the victims in deep regret and cry bitterly about their crimes. Obviously, these perpetrators were not as closely attached to negative energy and could be separated from it through the shamanic healing. This makes them human again, allows them to open their hearts and feel compassion with the victims. Suddenly they realize what they really did and collapse in deep remorse.

The victims are liberated from the trauma now, stand free, see the light coming from above and connect with their healing powers in joy. Their healing powers feel magnificent already and connect to everything around them. Many victims look at each other on eye-level. They form a community again.

Jesus Christ stands up, feels calm now and connects with today’s women and men and with all the victims of Catholic Church in a positive, supportive way.

Look at the Goddess

The problem between women and men energetically withdraws even more leaving the message to women: Look at the Goddess!
The goddess is now strong and in her ancient power. She connects with the victims who, as she looks at them, become normal people, totally liberated from the trauma and reintegrated into the community, regardless of their race or origin.

Today’s women are now seeing their today’s healing powers gaining strength, standing with broad shoulders, turning back and looking at all the people who were formerly victims and who are now in a very beautiful energy released from all trauma. Obviously it is important that today’s healing powers of women connect with all these people, with each one individually. Historically there have been millions.
Strengthened by today’s healing powers, women stand upright and open their arms in all directions with a smile. But they still don’t look at men.

The healing powers of today’s men are now also standing strong, but are still closed on the heart level. Obviously they don’t know what to do and what their thing is.
This also mirrors in the reaction of today’s men. They, too, are now standing stronger and open their arms wide. But they actually have no idea what to do. What is all this, they ask. They still have no clue.
Men still need something. But what is it?

Men obviously have yet to discover their healing role and heart connection to their inner healing power. But it is clear that the healing powers of today’s men exist. However, it obviously still takes time for men to become aware of all the people who were victims in the original trauma. It may help them to understand that among these people there were also many men who were killed by the perpetrators of Catholic Church. It wasn’t just women who were affected.

At this point we still don’t see any connection between women and men in the constellation. Although they both are strengthened and stand there with open arms to the world, they have no direct contact. Women feel liberated, but men still don’t know what to do.
The situation feels completely new and unfamiliar on both sides.

Love makes a difference

In this situation I set up the position „Love“ in the area between women and men. Love indicates that it is there, but has the open question: What will they do with me?
Now that love has emerged, men are looking at women for the first time, but still don’t know what to do. Women don’t know that either.

Now I set up future children. Children look at men and say: Daddy, Daddy, I need you!
Men look at women with a big question mark on their foreheads. Now women are looking at men for the first time. They also have a big question mark on their foreheads.

At this point I end the constellation

Because we get the impression that after such a profound and far-reaching healing, which we have all experienced in this constellation, a completely new situation has been created in which nobody knows what to do now. What’s next? What’s happening now? And what should all of us, today’s women and today’s men, contribute to this?
It’s like waking up to a new world. We have to get oriented first.

Everything is simply different when the original trauma has been resolved, thus finally belongs to the past and has therefore completely lost its inhibiting and disturbing influence in the present.
Everything is different when the negative, demonic energy and the perpetrators are disempowered and gone. What the negative, demonic energy is and where it comes from can remain open at this point. The main thing is that it is destroyed and has left the system.

Everything is simply different when the positiv world view of the Goddess shines powerfully in the consciousness of us humans again. When we know that we are deeply connected to Mother Earth and the entire Universe.
Everything is different when women and men are aware of their unique healing powers and feel free to use it to the fullest and thereby find their place in the greater whole.

Everything is simply different when women are fully aware of their dignity and spiritual power and treat themselves and men with great respect.
Everything is different when men become fully aware of their dignity and spiritual power and treat themselves and women with great respect.
With this, sacred feminine and sacred masculine comes back into the world and has a healing effect on all levels.

Everything is simply different

Everything is simply different when sexuality and eroticism is something sacred and healing and stands under the benevolent blessing of the Goddess.
It’s all different when children, the fruits of love, are the most sacred and deserve the support of the whole community, no matter how they were conceived.

In this awareness the role and mission of women and men appear in a new light. Over time, the question marks on the foreheads of women and men will disappear. We will then know what needs to be done and that we can only do it together in community, in a loving embrace, in which unity with Mother Earth and the entire universe resonates as a sign of our true nature.

The healing and thus the new consciousness develops inside of every woman and every man who watches this constellation and above all experiences the shamanic healing of the collective energy field. This also happens when you see the video recording. The more people experience this, the stronger the healing effect will be on a collective, societal level. Because the collective is made of individuals. Every human being is needed for healing. You are needed!

Watching the video recording of this constellation is sufficient to achieve the full healing effect in your own soul. Therefore, this constellation has been recorded and is available for you for free on YouTube with the following link:

Collective Constellation „Women + Men“ on July 4, 2021

Watch this recording now (2 hours) and become an active part of a new era for women and men. You will soon notice positive effects in your very personal relationships too.

The role of men

The new era needs women and men equally. Many women around the world are already on their way to understand their mission and their importance for the greater whole. Men find that much more difficult. They often have no idea what their contribution is, what they really can do. This clearly showed in this constellation too. It is also mirroring in the fact that far fewer men participate in constellation groups and other psychotherapy groups. In my experience the percentage is 85% women and about 15% men or less. This has been the case in all 14 countries in which I facilitated constellation workshops and is also showing in the online workshops, in which sometimes more than 20 nations are represented. So this is a global phenomenon.
Men don’t seem to care about healing as if it were only a woman’s thing.
The global constellation community has been puzzled for decades as to why men show so little interest.
One reason may be that men are afraid of being blamed in therapy groups by women simply because they are men. This was also suggested by another collective constellation in 2022. There it showed that much of the aggression felt by women toward men is due to the fact that the perpetrators of unresolved past traumata were mostly men. The collective revenge aggression against the male perpetrators of the past is often projected by today’s women onto today’s men who have nothing to do with it. When the unresolved collective traumata are healed, this effect disappears. Men are excused.

We need the men

This is why the constellation documented in this article is so important for men too. So if you know any men who might be interested in the topic, share the link to this article with them:

We need the men, as Anngwyn St. Just, my American colleague and world-renowned trauma expert, puts it.
In order to address men directly, I am offering constellation workshops especially for men since this year 2023 with the title „The liberation of masculinity – Your higher self as a man“. We work with Lingam-Constellations (lingam = penis). My wife Irmgard Maria Rosa has taken on the pioneering role on the female side with her Yoni- Constellations (yoni = vulva).

Now back to the collective constellation „Women + Men” from July 4, 2021:
For those who want to go into more detail about this constellation, and also for future research projects in the field of collective constellations, I have attached a list of the positions in the order in which they appeared. After that I attached all original statements of the positions in chronological order.

Find more recordings of collective constellations with the topics Corona-Crisis“, „Racism“, „Climate Change“ and „War in Ukraine“ on my homepage under the following link:

Thank you for reading this article.

Alle the best to you

Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher


List of the positions in the constellation (26):

  • Women nowadays
  • Men nowadays
  • The problem
  • The message of the problem
  • Initial collective trauma
  • The goddess
  • Victim 1
  • Victim 2
  • Victim 3
  • Victim 4
  • Perpetrator 1
  • Perpetrator 2
  • Perpetrator 3
  • Perpetrator 4
  • Perpetrator 5
  • Perpetrator 6
  • Negative energy
  • Religion
  • Cath. Church
  • Jesus Christ
  • Human sacrifice
  • Ancient trauma
  • Healing powers of the victims
  • Healing powers of the nowadays women
  • Healing powers of the nowadays men
  • All the victims of Cath. Church
  • All the children victims of Cath Church
  • Love
  • Children nowadays

Informations given by the positions in chronological order:

Phase 1: Bringing in essential positions and listening to them

  • Women nowadays feel somehow disappointed. They look at a holy tree which has been cut down. Disappointed. They don’t look at the men. Frustrated.
  • Men nowadays look at women with a sort of heart pain and helplessness. What do women want? Heavy weight on the shoulders.
  • The problem is just there, like to read sentences at the wall. They feel to be many. 
  • The message has stomach ache. It points to the background of the women being connected to the problem. Says: For this work we need humor. 
  • Initial collective trauma is strong and very aggressive.
  • Women are now vibrating with fear and rage, loaded by aggression
  • Men don’t see the trauma and don’t know what to do
  • The problem now really wants to know what is written on the wall. It is: Sit down with us then we are more complete
  • The goddess is afraid of the collective initial trauma, with life-threating fear
  • Victims of the initial trauma
  • Victim 1 hanged to death
  • Victim 2, 3 and 4 also hanged to death
  • Perpetrator 1, 2 and 3 are still aggressive and active
  • Perpetrator 4 and 5 in the background giving orders and control 
  • Perpetrator 6 shows maximum of nasty aggression
  • Negative energy in the background of perpetrator 6 is showing maximum aggression. It does not feel human, more like a demon
  • Perpetrator 6 feels loaded by negative energy, like possessed by it
  • Women are much calmer, sigh of relief, something still sitting in the neck. But aggression and fear is almost gone
  • Men nowadays see the negative energy. They are not afraid. Now we know!
  • The problem goes on its knees and goes back a little and rock back and forward
  • The message of the problem has an aha-reaction, understand more and more looking back to the initial trauma
  • Religion is very strongly and aggressively connected to the highest perpetrators and the negative energy
  • Kath. Church is very aggressively connected to the scene
  • Jesus Christ says “My God” and breaks down crying full of grief
  • Human sacrifice seems not to have an impact of the problem between nowadays women and nowadays men
  • An ancient trauma is there and calm but much weaker than the initial trauma which is still roaring in aggression
  • Negative energy is still strong and possessing people
  • Healing powers of the victims are bound and tortured and suffering
  • Healing powers of nowadays women is on its knees crying and suffering, not being able to do anything
  • Healing powers of nowadays men hanging without any movement 
  • All the victims of catholic church are there but don’t have a special impact to Healing powers of nowadays women and men
  • All the children victims of catholic church are there but also don’t have a special impact to Healing powers of nowadays women and men

Phase 2: Healing Voices -Healing

Phase 3: Changes initiated by Healing Voices

  • Negative Energy is torn and down, disempowered, dead and gone
  • Perpetrator 6 is disempowered, dead and gone
  • Perpetrator 5 is also disempowered, dead and gone
  • Perpetrator 4 crying, regretting what he or she did, obviously this one could separate from the negative energy by the energetic healing, getting human again, open up the heart area and see what he or she did. This takes a long time. This is the only way these souls can go and still have a path to go 
  • Perpetrator 3 and 2 the same, crying in regret
  • Victim 1 standing now, starting to connect to the sky to the above, no aggression, no revenge.
  • Victim 2 is taking care of and connecting to the healing powers of the victims with a smile very calm
  • Victim 3 are looking at all the other victims and they are all coming out of the trauma, stand there, look at each other on eye-level, forming a community again.
  • Victim 4 (without a paper) feels and sees the same
  • healing powers of the victims are already grand, connected all around
  • Kath. Church is torn apart, disempowered, on the floor and gone
  • Human sacrifice is on the floor like before, no change
  • Jesus Christ both hands on his heart seeing all these people coming out of the trauma now, turning back looking at the ancient initial trauma, connecting there and agrees to the fact that it is there 
  • the ancient initial trauma has a connection to Jesus Christ and wants him on its side.
  • Jesus Christ knows about this but stays where he is and connects to nowadays women, nowadays men, to all the victims of Cath. Church in a supporting way, and there are so many
  • Children victims of cath. church swinging softly but are still alone
  • All the victims of cath. Church breathing freely
  • The problem goes all the way back and leaving on the ground
  • The message of the problem is looking to nowadays women with a smile and saying: Connect with the goddess back there
  • The goddess connects to all the victims, who became ordinary people again being liberated of the trauma
  • The message of the problem is now pointing to the healing powers of nowadays women
  • healing powers of nowadays women stand now with broad shoulders, turning around and connecting with all the many people who were victims before and now are coming up, connecting with all of them, with all of them, with all of them, all of them! (We know that some of nowadays women have trauma with this issue in a past life)
  • Nowadays women standing now with arms open to all sides with a smile. Also, the area above (spiritual world, heaven) is all open for them. They feel liberated and show a totally free breath, but still don’t look at men.
  • Healing powers of nowadays men now stand there mit arms closed over the heart area, saying: Okay. Okay, what should we do? What is our thing?
    (Obviously the healing powers of men don’t know what to do. Men still have to discover, what is their part of healing. But the healing powers of men are there.
    It needs time, but over time the healing powers of men are connecting with all the many people who were victims before and now are coming up. They may also understand that also men were part of those victims. It is not only a female thing.)
  • Nowadays men are there, arms spread wide but they don’t have any idea what to do. What is this? No clue. What do nowadays men need? Obviously something.
  • The goddess still connects to all the victims, who are ordinary people again who are liberated of the trauma
  • There is no connection between men and women nowadays. Women are liberated, men don’t know what to do.
    It is a new situation.
  • Facilitator brings the position “Love” somewhere between men and women.
  • Love is just there, with the question, what do they do with me? 
  • Nowadays men now look at women but still don’t know what to do.
  • Nowadays women also don’t know
  • Facilitator brings the new position “Possible children”
  • Nowadays children look at men and say: “Papa, Papa”, meaning: I need you, Papa.
  • Nowadays men look at the women with a question mark on their forehead
  • Nowadays women look at the men also having a question mark on their forehead
  • Facilitator with a smile: “I think we stop the constellation with this question mark”

End of constellation

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