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How the insight that everything is connected to everything changes our lives

We live in a world of duality, in a world of objects and contrast.
The consciousness of duality and bipolarity is located in our brain. The brain must separate and differentiate in order to fulfill its valuable function of thinking. That’s why the brain has two halves. With one leg we stand on the left side, with the other on the right. It is a constant switch form one side to the other.
At first, every human being feels separated from everything else. I am here, the other one is there. Only in this way the world can be experienced. We look at the world from the outside and perceive it as separate from us.
This makes sense. If we had all stayed in the primordial soup, we would not know about this world and its invigorating contrasts.
It is wonderful to have a counterpart. To one thing, there is always the other. Who wants to miss the play of the sexes, who the change of day and night, of rain and sunshine, of activity and rest, who the way from here to there, who the ups and downs, the back and forth, hunger and that good meal, thirst and the cool drink. In every expression of life, duality is enthroned as the driving force. Heat and cold, how nice! No breath without the switch between in and out, no heartbeat without tension and relaxation, without filling and expulsion. No enjoyment, no pleasure without exchange with a counterpart. Taking and giving in constant change, this is life.

There is, however, a downside, which is intrinsic to the world of duality.

Yin Yang
To one thing, there is always the other

To age there is youth, to the earlier the later and to the good the evil. This is forcing us to constantly judge all what’s out there. Is it good or bad, friend or enemy? Is this in order or rather not? Should I do it this way or rather that way? What is right, what is wrong?
Doubt is born, which often becomes self-doubt. Am I alright the way I am or not?
Just look at the other people! You definitely can have doubts, whether they are right as they are.
No doubt, there are very pleasant counterparts too, with whom you want to overcome the dividing walls and even unite in quite pleasurable manner.
Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to cope with another person especially if she or he hurts you or wants to shoot you. Well, then you have a problem. How do you deal with such a counterpart? The normal reaction in the world of duality is blame and fight.
Blame has the advantage that you are well off, because the other one is guilty. Plus, your rage has a nice goal now, namely the other one. Feeling angry about someone feels really good sometimes.
Unfortunately, blaming others has a huge disadvantage. It does not solve the problem, for the simple reason because it is usually wrong. You have always your own share in your own problems.

Let’s recall:We live in a world of duality. We feel separate from the world, and thereby have the opportunity to get to know ourselves in contact with this world.

But feeling disconnected from the world creates uncertainty. In the paradigm of separation, there is only one strategy to feel save: One must become stronger and more powerful than the others. The result is the accumulation of money and power. Because in the paradigm of separation, the other one is seen as a separate, potentially hostile being, against whom one must protect and defend oneself. Ultimately, this is the strong belief, the other one will rob, oppress and murder oneself. Unless you are stronger, faster and smarter.
The small human ego, which forms itself with the idea of separation, only has its own advantage in mind, its own survival, its own well-being. What happens to the others, is secondary, not important at all. The main thing is to prevent the other one to become strong and a danger.
At some point, the idea of attacking the others first is arising, implicating that attack is the best defense, war the best way to preserve peace. In the paradigm of separation lasting peace is reached when all possible enemies are dead or subjugated. The clear goal is world government, the concentration of all power and control in one hand. Only then, one’s own safety seems to be guaranteed.
But this project is doomed to failure. In the paradigm of separation there is no security. Out of nowhere new enemies and threats arise. The paradigm of separation creates enemies by itself by perceiving each and every one as a potential threat.
The strong belief is that evil is in the world. It always presents to me in the other. Evil must be fought by the good. The good is always in me or in us. The others are the bad guys.

The paradigm of separation is a self-contained system which always is self-confirming. You experience what you expect.
Too bad! You live in a beautiful world and are about to destroy it. You live with other people on this earth but have the feeling that you constantly have to fight against the others and that you have to worry about your safety. Finally, you found a loved one but after a while this person behaves in a way that happiness is destroyed again. It could be so nice, but it‘s not.
The paradigm of separation is reaching its limits here. It is no success model.
To be successful all along the line, we need a new paradigm, the principle of unity. In the consciousness of unity, separation is revealed as an illusion. In deepest truth, there is no separation. Everything is connected to everything and forms a greater whole with all the other parts.

WholenessIn the consciousness of unity, separation is revealed as an illusion

The paradigm of unity is also a self-contained system, which always confirms itself. You experience what you expect.
But what can you expect, if you recognize the principle of unity as an universal truth, if you know for sure that everything is deeply connected to everything at any time at any place?

There is no shortage any more!

In unity it is impossible to suffer shortage. Because you are connected to everything else in this world, even with that what you need.
You always have what you need right now. You may not have everything which you think you might need to be safe for all times. This would be an expectation that originates from the paradigm of separation anyway. In the paradigm of unity, you no longer need to have these fears. You will always have exactly what you need right now and in every moment of the future.

There is no danger anymore!

You are in absolute safety because you are connected with everything. There is no one who could threaten you, because you are one with everything, plus on the highest philosophical level you are even the other one. Why should you threaten yourself? In the paradigm of unity this makes no sense.

Of course, your mind has objections at this point. It cannot be true, it says, that there is no shortage and no danger. You just have to look at history. There were always people who were exposed to danger or have suffered shortage.
But these objections relate to events in the past in which the paradigm of separation ruled in people’s minds. Therefore, those objections do not apply at this point. Because if you establish the principle of unity in your own thinking, the world changes. To accomplish this you do not look back, but look from the present moment into the future. You have to give a little time to the paradigm of unity to manifest itself in your environment. Then you soon make different experiences.

However, if unity really exists, then we should be able to really prove it. Let’s ask science. Because science works with evidence that no one can disprove, evidence that everyone has to acknowledge, in actual fact!
Physical research has proven that matter, the object as such, is an illusion. A table, a hand, a car should be an illusion, a pure imagination? Exactly!
Quantum physics has broken down matter to the smallest parts over the past few decades and seen that ultimately nothing remains but energy and connection. The German quantum physicist Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr put it this way:

“Basically, matter does not exist. There is only a network of relation … Primarily there is only energy and connection, connection without any material basis.”

Video Prof. Dürr:

Matter, all objects, all the world really, is only energy and connection.

Accordingly, we too are mere energy and connected with everything around us. Plus everything is connected with us. We are part of a huge related web. Not a bit of separation, nowhere! Only the connecting energy exists.

These discoveries of quantum physics indicate a significant leap in the understanding of the world, comparable to the discovery of Copernicus that the world is a ball, not a disk. With the principle of unity, we are standing at the beginning of a new era in which the world out there is no longer our opponent. We are intimately connected with it to a point where we form a unity with the whole world. If you know that, it makes no sense to blame other people or even fate.
Plus, matter does exist everywhere, even in the most distant galaxies the light of which does not even reach us. Even with these distant worlds we are inwardly connected over all the distance, over all the ages. We are subject to influences from the vast cosmos, of which we know very little today and which above all we cannot influence. Knowing this, our efforts to gain power and control and our well-considered decisions appear in a different light.

Quantum physics proves: Everything is connection

If unity really exists, if it is true that everything is connected to everything, and if it is even proved by quantum physics, then the question arises, what does this mean for us as human beings?
That’s exactly what I’ve been working on for the last few decades. I wanted to know whether there is any benefit in facing this proven fact.
Can we solve our problems better? Can we even have a better life through that knowledge?

Advantages in personal life

Let’s start with the personal field. The situations we usually fiercely reject are the unpleasant events. Everything what happens belongs to unity, otherwise it would not happen. We are connected to every event in our life, positive or negative events alike. The positive events are no problem, but the negative are.
Everyone experiences unpleasant events, for example separation, pain, disease, depressive energies, grief, anxiety, a fight et cetera.
We do not want all these situations. We revolt against it, fight it with analgesics, antidepressants or simply by looking away and pretending that nothing special is happening.

The unpleasant events in life we fiercely reject.

But in every unpleasant event there is a chance. Because it brings you something that you lack to wholeness and that shows you the connection to something unknown or rejected. This applies to all unpleasant events, including every illness and every physical symptom.
With the knowledge of the principle of unity, one might ask: With which part of wholeness does this disease want to connect me? With whom or what does it want me to get in touch with?
The answers to these questions are completely individual. Every patient is missing something else. Every illness has its own symbolic language, carries its own information. The principle of unity suggests: Accept it, do not fight it, but understand the message. Then you will become more complete and healthier.
The best way to decode the messages of your body or soul is a Systemic Constellation, especially the Symptom-Constellation.

The systemic constellation work was developed decades ago by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger for family therapy. In this area with speak of family constellations. Later, the method was developed by me and others for body symptoms, diseases and other life crises.
To understand what a systemic constellation is, one must first know that all information about our human relationships and past events is stored in the air in invisible form, like in a special WiFi field. The receiver of this type of information is not a laptop or smartphone, but the human being itself. Through our intuitive perception we all have the ability to gain access to this information field.
But this does not happen automatically when we sit together at the coffee table. It needs a specific framework. This framework is called system constellation.
The parts of a system, for example the members of a family or body symptoms are set up in a room in relation to the client. These positions are filled with representatives, for example with members of a therapy group. In single therapy sessions, I take on this task by standing in the different positions one after the other to gather the important information.
Because as soon as you place yourself as a representative in a systemic position, you begin to receive and feel the condition of the person you are standing for. Like a radio, you receive information our of the air. This phenomenon is called “representative perception”. It is the effective core of every constellation. Through this mechanism you gain information which explains the system in its context.


The systemic constellation is a window to the invisible

Basically, there are two categories of messages and insights that can be transmitted by illnesses and other unpleasant events:

  1. First, there are messages that indicate that your soul may not be complete, that you may have left behind a portion of your soul at some point in the past, for example in a traumatic situation in childhood or in an unresolved trauma of a previous incarnation.
    After one found out with the help of a symptom constellation, which personal trauma it is, the part of your soul, which was frozen in the trauma, can be integrated again into your own personality. This achieves a powerful healing. Finally, the trauma may be over.
  2. Second, there are messages that tell you that your clan is not complete, that in your clan consciousness one or several members are missing.
    Because also our family of origin forms a special wholeness. We carry the system of our family including all former generations in us. If it is whole and complete, the family of origin gives us strength and confidence. If there is a gap because someone has been marginalized or forgotten due to a fateful trauma, we are unconsciously burdened. Because also on this level there is an urge for completeness and unity. An incomplete family system tries to remember the forgotten and their trauma, by reviving the same fate in a descendant, for example a child or a grandchild. This leads to repetition of fate over several generations. In a family constellation, you can find out if you carry such a burden of your ancestors.
    With those transgenerational burdens the healing movement has two parts. First, the restoration of completeness. You give the forgotten a good place in your heart.
    Second, in a respectful ritual you give back the energetic burdens which have been energetically transferred to you to those who really experienced this trauma in a former generation.
    This will free you for your own life.

Advantages in professional life

The unity in which we live also includes profession and calling. If you have not yet found your own in this area, unpleasant events occur here, too. For example, discontent, reluctance in your current job, serious fights or unbearable bullying at the workplace.
In companies, sometimes the decline of profit forces to find new ways.
Instead of blaming others, you stay in the consciousness of unity that tells you that whatever happens has a connection with you and wants to give you valuable clues for your further journey.
In a professional crisis you ask too: What is missing for the next step in my professional development? It can be a skill you discover, a talent that you can develop, a professional advice you might look for, courage and confidence, new professional partners, a better structure for your business communication, crazy ideas, a break, a journey, a new education, joy in the new and much more.
The principle of unity gives you the assurance that everything is meaningfully connected and that therefore you will not miss anything in the future.

Advantages in politics and society

The principle of unity also applies in society and in global relations between nations. Here, too, everything is connected with everything.
Let’s look at four major areas.

The economic system

The global economic system of our days shows the signs of early capitalism. In Third World countries, goods are produced at starvation wages, sometimes with child labor, and appear at discount prices in our shops. The rich states live at the expense of poor countries.
But prosperity, based on poverty, contradicts the principle of unity. The idea that one could win by the loss of another one is wrong in the consciousness of unity. If I am also the other one, there is no point in exploiting him. I would only exploit myself. This is true in any case, but one might realize that much later.
Therefore, only one sort of business is supported by the principle of unity: Win-Win-deals, where everyone wins and no one loses. Fair pay, fair price, fair working conditions.
When it comes to profit and loss, money is not the only parameter. Through fair production and trading conditions, the entrepreneur gains not only money, but also prestige, the feeling of belonging to the huge community of humanity, and the fulfillment that results from the certainty that you contribute to the success of a greater whole with your abilities and your capacities.
Economy is driven by people for people. You have to look at the whole human being and all of his/her relationships if you want to find a good way of doing business, working and consuming. An economic system that is committed to the principle of unity will serve all people and will not exploit the environment too. Slavery, child labor and starvation wages will disappear.
Win-win situations are the key to long-term, economic and personal success. One for all and all for one, but against no one. That’s the new.

Peoples and countries, International Relations

This could also apply to international relations between countries: One for all and all for one, but against no one. Because every human being is part of humanity, surrounded by brothers and sisters, belong to the same tribe, is equipped with the same organs and imbued with the same spirit. And yet there is murder and manslaughter, war and terror in the world. The reason for this is the idea of separation, the assumption that one person is separate from the other, that one nation is separate from the other, also that one nation may be more important and better than another and could stand above other peoples. Plus, the widespread error that a nation can win if robs something from another nation or tribe promotes exploitation and resentment.

The principle of unity says the opposite. All peoples are a unity, are facets of the same humanity, intimately connected in history, destiny and future. If one nation attacks another, it attacks itself in the future, cuts itself into its own flesh, kills its own children. The history is full of examples. If you know that, it becomes clear that wars so far have been instigated by ignorant people, and that every single one who has participated was ignorant. The German soldier who shot at a Russian shot at a brother. The American soldier who shot indigenous people, shot his own people. Those who have killed defenseless civilians and wiped out whole families have wiped out their own families.
A nation which rises up above other nations will fall deeply. It may take some time for this to become clear to everybody. At the level of nations the time periods are longer as on the personal level, may be decades or even centuries. Nations have a longer memory than individuals. But nothing is lost. Because past, present and future interact. They, too, form a unity.
All peoples together form the nation of the earth, humanity. In unity, the order of the same right reigns at this level. All peoples enjoy the same right, are equally important and equally valuable, no matter what race, color, religion, size of population or level of development they have. In the order of humanity, nations stand equal in a large circle. No one is prominent. They all form a unity, they all together form humanity.

Weltkarte 2019All nations together form the nation of the earth!

The thought that such a thing like a supreme nation could exist leads to death, suffering and misery, which affects the perpetrators and their descendants as well as the victims and their descendants. It does not help at all if someone who is murdering, burning and expelling emphasizes that he is only acting out of rightful revenge. No matter for what reason one murders, one murders a member of the human family, that means a brother or a sister and thus ultimately oneself. If you know that, war and murder can stop.
The principle of unity paves the way to a peaceful future.

Integration of ethnic and religious minorities

The integration of ethnic and religious minorities, which is a problem in so many countries, can also be more successfully done with the principle of unity.
No nation is rooted only in one race. We all are a mixture. You only have to look back far enough, then you light upon members of other peoples who have become part of us, without whom we would not be what we are today. Fighting the foreigner testifies to Stone Age thinking.
Humans undergo a development from ignorance to knowledge, from the unconscious to more consciousness. The idea of ​​separation, fighting the stranger as someone who does not belong to us, originates from the beginning of the human race. However, it has many followers to this day. But now the time is ripe for a quantum leap of thinking, ripe for the insight that the principle of unity especially applies to human interaction. After this quantum leap has happened, no one will be able to pretend that we do not know what we know: We all belong together on this earth. We enrich each other, we are not strangers, but friends, guests, neighbors, who can live side by side in mutual respect.
At the same time, everyone is allowed to stay just as he or she is. In this way religion for example becomes purely a private matter. Just like it makes no difference to me, which football club someone favors, it also makes no difference to me which religion someone has. He or she is alright for me anyway. He or she is a human among humans and that is what I am too.

In the principle of unity, an order is established that assures full autonomy to each part. Only through that the whole works for the benefit of all. As soon as one group of society forces others to change, this group leaves unity and takes on a superior position through which the wealth of the whole is lost, the own kind becomes incrusted and loses its vitality. The pressure that others are exposed to by the demand that they should change results in counterpressure and separation. People withdraw from each other, sense danger instead of respect, betrayal instead of benevolence, hostility instead of friendship.
In domestic political crises, which are based on the violation of the principle of unity, for example ethnic riots, violence against foreigners or so-called ethnic minorities the only powerful solution is to recall the validity of the principle of unity. Then the people of other origin are considered as equal members of the state, as a mirror of wholeness, which brings another facet from another country, another culture or another worldview. This enables a dialogue on eye level, from which everyone benefits.


The unity in which we live does not only include us humans, but the entire environment, the animals, the plants, the four elements and of course Mother Earth.
The idea that the earth is totally to our disposal and can be exploited by man without limits, is no longer tolerable according to today’s insights. “Subdue the earth” is a phrase that originates from an ancient religious dogma that should be forgotten as quickly as possible. The principle of unity reinforces the view of indigenous peoples that man does not stand above nature, but is on the same level as everything else. All fellow creatures too have the full right to belong.
We are indivisibly connected with everything. Our body consists of the four elements earth, water, fire and air. Fire, the energy which enables us to live, comes from our sun. Sun and moon are also part of the unity, as are the planets, meteorites, stars and galaxies, indeed the entire universe. But back to us, back to earth. Our body is made of earth, rises up inspired by forces that surpass our imagination and it falls back to it after some time. We are children of this earth. She is a great mother to us.

Mutter Erde lebtEarth is a living being!

The creatures that live on and from her, animals and plants, mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes are our brothers and sisters, as well as wind, rain and snow. We are more deeply connected with all of this than we guess. Because ultimately, we even are the counterpart.
This is by no means a primitive idea, but an intelligent view of reality. It is much better to choose this knowledge to be the basis of one’s own decisions, instead of violating it out of pure ignorance, to bear the catastrophic consequences and, moreover, to pass it on to one’s own children.

To reach paradise on earth, we should take the principle of unity seriously and assume that we are deeply connected to our fellow creatures and Mother Earth. Then any exploitation, any careless handling of other living beings and the treasures of Mother Earth is banned automatically.
Now it becomes clear how absurd and fundamentally intolerable it is to torture our brothers, the animals, so much in medical experiments, to bundle them up to meet our need for cheap meat, to force them into an unworthy life and finally to slaughter them in fear and stuffed with drugs.


Applying the principle of unity brings many benefits and improves life in many areas. In order to enjoy these benefits, there is a single prerequisite:

We have to rethink!

We have to leave the paradigm of duality and give room to the paradigm of unity. Let’s shift our consciousness from the brain to the heart, give up the idea of separation and shortage and think the thoughts of unity, generosity and abundance.

The best field for practice in which you can celebrate your first successes with the principle of unity most easily are personal, unpleasant events. In the future, you can consider them as welcome facets of unity and thereby discover the messages and chances they bring. Your personal development will experience a significant boost in the coming weeks and months.
Welcome the next crisis as a chance. If you cannot find the deeper meaning of the crisis, you can take advantage of a systemic constellation which is easily accessible worldwide through skype. Professional help can sometimes save you months of stagnation, where the good solution is so close.

The second area in which it makes sense right away to live the consciousness of unity is the relationship to other people. For a start, stop any blaming of yourself and others. Just by taking this step, your private and professional relationships will instantly change in a positive way.

On the level of society to which you belong by being a citizen, working person or consumer, give up all arrogance and also all submissiveness. Meet all others on equal terms and strive for win-win situations in all relationships.
Support a fair economic system characterized by mutual respect. Consider all people as brothers and sisters, regardless of their background, nationality, religion or skin color. Become a citizen of the nation of this earth, become a citizen of humanity.

Plus, readjust your place in the environment. Look at Mother Earth and all fellow creatures with respect and gratitude. Walk with mindfulness on this earth.
In the face of the current global challenges, the principle of unity provides a wise strategy to meet the needs of our time. It is highly intelligent to adapt to the changing conditions of the globe by developing and cultivating the consciousness of unity. In this way, our activities and decisions lose the cold calculation of the mind and gain heart quality.
In the feeling of security and connectedness that the principle of unity provides for us, it is easier to solve our personal problems. At the same time, we are making a powerful contribution to peace and harmony on our planet.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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