Corona – Message for humanity

What can you expect, if you are just one human being in a wide world.
What can you expect, if a little thing like a virus can change your life and the life of humanity in a stroke.
What can you expect to understand looking into a far future, a far gone history and far too much exaggerated present times if you are alone.
What can you expect to be if you are separated from the world and all the others.

There is only one way to understand. We have to do it together, together as a community, a community not only of humans, but of all living creatures, including the virus, including the world, the earth, the universe, the stars. There is no understanding in a compartment, even not in the compartment of our repeating thoughts and limited experiences. We need do leave our little corner and look out to all the others, everything around us, the spirit of the whole. We need to see the whole great picture of life to understand where we are, to understand who we are and to understand what’s going on around us.

This overall view we tried to get in an online workshop on 1st– 3rdof May 2020 when we gathered on zoom to experience Symptom-Constellations and Healing Voices. This workshop was a wonderful opportunity to present these two healing methods to the group of interested people. After two days of personal constellations I opened the space for a collective constellation. The group chose to look at a possible message of Corona crisis for humanity.
Nobody was prepared to see what we saw in this constellation. The outcome blew our mind. It was a shock, something we could not expect.

kollektive Aufstellung kontrastCollective Constellation with more than 50 positions. 3rd of May 2020

We agreed to start the constellation with positions like humanity (as the client), center of humanity, COVID-19 disease, SARS-CoV-2 virus, message of the disease, collective fear, truth, deception, healing, the planet earth, mother earth, money, numbness, control, power and others.
We saw the virus kneeling in front of humanity like a servant, and the message of the COVID-19 disease pointing back to the far away past.
We saw a tremendous amount of grief arising for dead people, which turned out to be all the victims of all wars and genocides of the past. In search of the real energetic cause of all these traumata in the far history of mankind I set up the “system of origin of mankind”, which divided in two parts. Part 1 turned out to be supreme oppressors and perpetrators, part 2 turned out to be enslaved people in fear and despair.
Nobody knew what that meant at that time until somebody raised the question where part 1 (the oppressors) came from. I set up the “place where part one came from”. It pointed into the sky with a long arm. There was silence in the group. I asked if somebody had an idea what that could mean. Somebody said, may be a foreign planet.

Now at this point it is important to know that systemic constellations always show how things really are, they always show the truth. But they show the truth on all levels, they show what we know plus they show what we don’t and cannot know, they show the unconscious part, and even that what we might not want to know. But this is the big advantage of constellation work, that it provides this overall view.
To profit from the insights of a constellation it is crucial to take all the information which emerges in the constellation as the truth. I always tell every client before I start a constellation: “Take it for the truth for today, you can easily decide tomorrow whether you still believe it or not. But take it for the truth today, this gives you the opportunity to get to know a feeling deep inside which might be connected to this special truth.”
Despite me knowing that I still had difficulties to believe what we all saw as this collective constellation went on. I had to remind myself: Take it as the truth for today, you always can decide tomorrow that you don’t believe it any more.

Foreign planet

In that moment the foreign planet was mentioned it was clear that I had to give it a position in the constellation to prove or to disprove it. As the position “foreign planet” merged with the position “place where part 1 came from” I knew that it was true. Part 1 of the origin of mankind came from a foreign planet. It turned out to be a planet of our galaxy but not our solar system.
The story which evolved as we carried on with this constellation was, that there was too less air, too less oxygen on this planet. There was an elite plus enslaved people. The elite managed to escape to the earth leaving the enslaved people back to die by suffication. Once the elite of this planet landed on earth they enslaved us, the people of the earth, which were heartfelt, peaceful people deeply connected to earth and nature.
This enslavement was the “ancient trauma” of mankind. From there trauma, once established, began its pattern of repetition. Some of the humans obviously changed sides and became part of this foreign elite. The cascade of repeating trauma led to genocide and war through many thousands of years. A never ending story until today leading to closure of the center of humanity, the heart qualities and ability to be compassionate.
At this point of the constellation humanity still looked away from all the victims of war and genocide, the earth was afraid of humanity, power wanted to have control over the whole scene and somebody in the background of deception tried to pull the strings quite successfully. Numbness was spread all over by constantly shouting out loud some senseless words all over the place.

There was already a trauma happing on the foreign planet, enslavement and destruction of the planet’s atmosphere, shortness of breath and death following. The “ancient trauma” on earth, the enslavement of the earth people, was already a repetition within our galaxy but new to the earth.

NahkampfRepeating war as a consequence of an ancient trauma way back in the origin of mankind

When all this became clear and all involved positions were set up in the constellation we saw already some healing movements starting, but the main traumata were still unresolved. Suffering, aggression, revenge and profound disrespect was still energetically in the air. At this point we started the energetic healing by the shamanic powers of Healing Voices. This took another 20 or 30 minutes.
After these healing movements the negative energies of the perpetrators on the foreign planet and on earth was gone. Part two of the origin of mankind, our real ancestors stood strong connected to their center, the heart qualities. The victims on different levels broke off the traumata they experienced and became peaceful and free inside. Deception was gone. The one, who tried to pull the strings in the background was brought down by truth, which was everywhere now. Humanity opened up its heart and felt the great grief about all the victims of war and genocide.

It was also nice to see that planet earth was holding its hand over humanity as a protection and that Mother Earth constantly shuffled positive supporting energy from the earth towards humanity from beneath.
And the virus? The virus and the COVID-19-disease went to the ground merging peacefully into the earth.
Plus the center of humanity, the heart was powerful and spreading everywhere.

human nature

Experiencing all this, it became clear that the most important message of the Corona crisis for humanity is:
Return to your center as people of the earth. Return to the qualities of your heart, return to compassion. This will open your eyes. Then you will be able to really mourn about the victims of the past and the present times. Reconnect to your true origin.
Plus resist all ways of enslavement.

With the insights of this collective constellation you have a chance to recognize every aggression towards others and all the “Power over”-tendencies in yourself and around you as something foreign which was brought to us in ancient times by desperate people who already destroyed their own planet and enslaved their own people. Recognize it as foreign and then return to your own powerful and heartful nature as people of this earth.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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