The story about the energetic-shamanic healing method “Healing Voices”

Twenty years have passed since I first came into contact with Healing Voices. Summer in Bavaria. In the blaze of the fire, the stones were already glowing. I sat on a stump of a tree and watched the fireman, who, propped on a potato fork, looked into the fire. Soon it would be time. In a few minutes, the sweat lodge would start.

I burned sage in a shell, let the flames briefly flare up and then blew them out. White smoke rose. At the entrance to the lodge, the participants waited in a long line, dressed only in a large towel, to be cleansed one after the other with sage smoke. Because that’s what the indigenous sweat lodge ceremony is all about: Physical, mental and spiritual cleansing, so that blocked energy can flow. This can hurt where the blockages sit. The humid heat sooner or later pushes people to their limits. A sweat lodge can last several hours.

As the leader of the sweat lodge I sat right next to the entrance. Like an igloo, the lodge arched over us like a uterus. Only one exit! Nearly thirty people sat on the cool grass around the hole in the middle. Now the fireman brought glowing stones into the lodge and slid them into the hole. After the seventh stone, I gave him a sign that it was enough. The blankets at the entrance came down. Immediately we were surrounded by darkness. Only in the middle the stones glowed.
I poured three ladles of water on them. With a loud hiss, the water evaporated. The lodge was filled with hot steam.

Silently, I began to beat the drum. The first round had begun. It serves everybody to get into the right frame of mind. The participants are well prepared and know that in the first round they are allowed to free their voices and make sounds. Most people are not used to free their voices and sing. In the throat, the most obvious blockages are stuck. But through the beat of the drum, through the Digeridoo, which a friend played, and through some brave ones, who followed my high sounds, softly and cautiously a polyphonic song unfolded without words.

Whenever energy comes into flow, even if it is just the voice that dares, other blockages are stimulated too, a tension in the neck, blocked grief in the stomach, blocked love at the heart level or even anger and pain. Energy, which gets excited pounds against the walls behind which it is trapped. It wants to flow, wants to connect, wants to show itself and have an impact.
That is why in the first round of a sweat lodge we make sounds, that is why we sit in the heat, in front of us only darkness, on which one’s soul is mirrored.

I had experienced this very often, before a shaman initiated me as a sweat lodge leader. In my work as a systemic constellator, I had previously learned to let go of any notion, to become quite permeable to information from the invisible field, information that often communicates intuitively as a feeling, sometimes with words, whole sentences or even inner images. It’s like in the cinema. The invisible appears on the blank screen of intuitive perception.
But I was not at all prepared for what was going to happen that day in the sweat lodge.

I had attended many shamanic healing ceremonies, sometimes getting healing myself. But I never went through a shamanic teaching. No shaman had chosen me as his disciple, telling me that the higher forces want me to become a shaman. Nobody has prepared me except may be life.

On that day, one first had the impression of a distant whale song, but soon our voices swelled, became powerful and loud. Suddenly my singing changed. Into the initially pure and smooth sounds consonants and vowels mingled. It sounded like a strange, archaic language. Soon I did not sing anymore, but spoke in a foreign language. The words made no sense to my head, but every sense to my innermost soul and heart. I gave in to the impulses since I had learned that in all the constellations I facilitated in the years before. My mind just watched. But I myself heard with astonishment how the words became whole sentences. I no longer had any doubt that someone spoke to the whole group through me. The people in the sweat lodge fell silent. All that could be heard was the wind in the trees of the near forest, the crackling of the fire and the strange words that came in all sorts of voices over my lips. Suddenly someone was sobbing far in the back of the sweat lodge. Then many participants began to cry, some softly, some loud and without any restraints. Old pain broke free. My voice became stronger, drowning even the loudest wailing, continued to speak to the group, only softened as one after the other calmed down.
Never before had I experienced such an opening of emotional spheres in the first round of a sweat lodge. When it was completely quiet in the lodge, I folded back the blanket at the entrance. It was time for the first break, fresh air blew in, the fireman handed water bottles into the lodge. Also, fresh hot stones came in. After a few minutes the entrance was closed again. The remaining three rounds were calmer, almost more peaceful than usual.

Indianische Schwitzhütte
Sweat Lodge Fire

After the sweat lodge, when all of us, after the shower with the garden hose, were sitting around the fire fully dressed again, the participants asked me:
„What was that?“
„I do not know,“ I said, „I really do not know.“

Of course, this experience stayed in my mind in the following days. It was already clear to me that somehow I happened to slip into the role of a medium for healing energy. It had been a good feeling and obviously the participants of the group had benefited from it. But should I really do shamanic work on top of everything? I was a medical doctor, psychotherapist and systemic constellator. I didn’t want to be a shaman in addition. No, that was too much for me. Except as a swea tlodge leader, I had never experienced a shamanic initiation. I felt no justification and, frankly, no desire to continue to be a medium for shamanic healing energies. It was certainly just a single event, a great moment of healing if you like, but nothing more, I thought. However, I already had a name for this method: Healing Voices

For years, I refused to explore this phenomenon any further. I certainly would not practice this method in my doctor’s office. For diseases in my own family, I had fewer concerns. In my family, I successfully treated cardiac arrhythmias, pain and inflammation of artificial hips and knee joints. These few experiences, which happened during more than a decade, convinced me that Healing Voices were effective even after a single application. But the refusal to apply this method professionally remained.

Provence 1
Provence, France

Until one day when I fell half unconscious from a bike in Provence. I knew immediately that I had a sunstroke. It was a hot day. Actually, the ten kilometers on level terrain, equipped with a bright cap and enough water, could not really be the cause. But there was no time for such considerations. My wife was only twenty meters away in the tourist office. She had no idea that I was fainting near the parking lot next to my bike. I grabbed the warm water bottle and drank one and a half liters as fast as I could. Liquid would solve my circulatory problem. But it was not that easy. Although I was lying on the ground, I was at the rim of unconsciousness again and again. I crawled a few meters to a nearby park bench and put my feet up. In the sky, white clouds moved over the deep blue sky of Provence. Who would tell my wife that I had been taken unconscious to a hospital with the ambulance? Where was she for so long anyway?

Slowly, my condition improved. When my wife finally arrived after fifteen minutes, I was already sitting on the floor with the park bench in the back. I did not need the ambulance. After another liter of cool water, I was so well that I could pedal the three hundred meters to the new hotel, still with weak legs.

It took me two weeks, still on vacation, to walk the beach without vertigo. But on the way back to Bavaria the dizziness came back. We almost had an accident, because I was driving the car, believing I was healthy. At home, nothing was going to get better. I was dizzy and weak in bed. I could barely read my e-mails without breaking out in a sweat.
After two weeks, nothing had changed in my condition. I was pretty sure I was seriously ill. Most likely, I thought of a brain tumor. My symptoms did fit to a disease like that. A sunstroke could not be the reason anymore. But I shied the certainty, waited another week. Nothing changed. By now I was sure I had a tumor. There was no point in looking away. I made an appointment for the brain MRI for the next day.

The night before, I could not sleep. I thought: If I really have a brain tumor and my neighbor would have the gift to heal it with Healing Voices, but out of false modesty, wouldn’t dare to do it, it would be too bad for me. I did not think this in German as usual, but in English. I do not know why my thoughts were in English that night. Until today I do not know that.

At four o’clock in the morning I had an insight: Maybe I did not have the right to withhold this gift from my patients and indeed from the whole world. I made a deal with myself. „If the exam looks good tomorrow,“ I told myself, „if you’re healthy, you show Healing Voices to the world, you put the method on top of your website and treat every person who wants to be treated with it.“

The cranial MRI was normal, no tumor and nothing else. Within three days, all my symptoms had disappeared.
Since then I have been treating with Healing Voices in my doctor’s office in Bad Tölz. The patients rest on a comfortable lounge chair while enjoying the healing effects of Healing Voices. Although the symptom or disease may focus on a particular part of the body, Healing Voices unfold its effects on all levels, harmonizing the entire body, and also solving mental and spiritual blockages. The client is treated as a whole.
In this type of application, the client must do nothing but open up to the healing energies and welcome them.

Healing Voices as a gift

I consider the opportunity to work with Healing Voices as a gift. In order to pass on some of it to the world community, I produced short videos with Healing Voices for several organ systems and published them in the Internet for free. Currently there find videos for the heart, airways and lungs, kidneys and urinary tract, liver and biliary tract, digestive system and for metabolism.

If you are healthy, these short videos (4 min) can harmonize your organ systems. If you are ill, these videos can support healing.
If someone of your family or your friends falls ill or is even hospitalized, bring a good pair of headphones and recommend to listen to the video of the affected organ system three times a day.

You can find the Healing Voices videos collected on the homepage at:
You are welcome to forward this link to your friends and your network.

A new field of application for Healing Voices

About five years ago, I used Healing Voices during a family constellation for the first time, when I couldn’t find a good solution for the client with the classic tools of constellation work. It was a perpetrator-victim scene from the 2nd World War. During the treatment with Healing Voices, all representatives in the constellation showed amazing emotional healing movements.
On this day, I experienced for the first time how Healing Voices function in human systems simultaneously at different generational levels. It became clear to me that the healing energies not only bring blocked energy into flow, but also revive blocked human connections. A new level of healing was achieved.

Meanwhile, the energetic-shamanic healing method Healing Voices has become a powerful tool in my constellation work. On average, I use it in every third constellation.

Mexico Closing

In Mexico City 2016, I had the chance to demonstrate Healing Voices in large groups. It showed that these healing energies can touch more than one hundred people simultaneously. Even participants, who were not chosen for a representing role in the constellation, but just were sitting in the outer circle, reported that they had experienced a relief from long-standing body symptoms.
In the meantime, I could introduce Healing Voices in ten countries on several continents. Everywhere the method was received with open arms and its healing power was experienced by many people. It’s obvious that the world is open for Healing Voices.

So far Voices have been used in the following countries: 

Weltkarte Healing Voices Dez. 2018.png

But the greatest discovery I made working with Healing Voices is that the healing energies involved are everywhere in the air, like in a special Wi-Fi field. But in order to be effective they need a human being to lend them a body and a voice for a few minutes.

More and more people ask me whether there is a way to learn how to heal with Healing Voices. I am convinced that this is possible. The first plans for a training in this method are already on my desk. The training will focus on the ability of the participants to give way to the gestures and sounds of the healing field without any fear.
In order to accomplish that you need an elevation of consciousness plus the unconditional readiness to discover yourself on all levels. Thus, the three years, which the training will last, can become an intense, powerful, unforgettable experience for each participant.

How the story of Healing Voices will develop is still written in the stars. The experiences so far are very encouraging.

Book a Skype-Session with Healing voices:

With the following exercise you can make your own personal experience with Healing Voices.

Recommended exercise:

Take 15 minutes. Sit or lie comfortably.
Now, internally, speak the formula:
„I invite all female and male healers of all times to heal me, if you want and if you can.“

Then you just witness what will happen.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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