The atomic bomb is part of the picture.

The atomic bomb is not only history but part of our present. It’s a threat – a reminder of the thousands of bombs ready to be shot at the enemy in a crisis and of the persistent trauma of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This trauma and its aftermath are still present: in the lives of the families of the victims, of the ones who were involved in the actual dropping of the bomb, of the ones who witnessed the explosion from a distance and of those people who were involved in the development or testing of the atomic bomb.

The explosion is still on!

The Atomic Bomb showed in earlier constellations and again in a family constellation in my workshop “Disease as a chance” in Washington DC this October. In this article I want to describe what amazing things happened to the atomic bomb in this constellation when I started to work with the energetic-shamanic healing method “Healing Voices”.

“Healing Voices” have evolved as an integral part of in my work during the last twenty years. Four years ago, I discovered that they work perfect as an additional healing potential in systemic constellations where the traditional tools are not enough to find a good healing outcome.

See history of “Healing Voices“.

The healing energies which work in “Healing Voices” are everywhere anytime. But they obviously cannot be effective unless a human being is ready to be a medium for them lending them body for gestures and voice for sounds. This is the way “Healing Voices” apply their invisible healing energies.
Doing this now for years I am gaining increasing insight into how “Healing Voices” really work, the energies they address and what they are able to achieve. It is something that I never talked to anyone about it before. But what happened in this constellation with the atomic bomb on an energetic level is too big and too interesting for me to keep to myself. It is for everybody.
Yesterday, I talked to Amy Berkeley, who organized this workshop and who happened to be the representative of the atomic bomb in this constellation, and she agreed to also share in her experience from that role.

When “Healing Voices” were established in that constellation the “atomic bomb” had the feeling of still exploding and sending radiation everywhere.

When I was asked to stand as a representative for the atomic bomb, I immediately felt a sense of elemental power. This power started to radiate all around me as I looked around the room. I could see the people in the constellation but had no interest in them. My only purpose was to get bigger and bigger and to obliterate everything in my path. Someone tried to stop me and I experienced only annoyance. It was clear to me that I was bigger and more powerful and doing what I needed to do, and they couldn’t stop me. This was a completely different feeling than being a human perpetrator; it was really almost like being a force of nature, though not quite. I thought to myself what Oppenheimer said when he first saw the explosion of his bomb: “I
 am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

The first thing the healers of “Healing Voices” did was approach the atomic bomb very slowly with growing inner strength, put their hands around the neck of the atomic bomb, squeeze its neck and press it down, press it deep into the earth, establish a strong lid on the hole and then call powerful energetic guards in to make sure this site keeps closed. This process was done with intense power and care.

Then the healers approached Amy who at this point obviously represented “The part of the atomic bomb, which still stayed above ground”. The healers circled around this position, getting closer and closer, permeating it from the outside to the inside with healing energy like in a spiral until this part was totally transformed and obviously cleaned from a rest of negative energy.

When Karl-Heinz, representing the healers, came over to me and started singing and gesturing with the Healing Voices, I became still. As he sang and spoke around me and moved his arms, I felt something rise in me and flow out of me and I wasn’t interested any more in being destructive or powerful. I was only interested in what the Healing Voices were doing as the sensations in my body were changing. I don’t remember at what point I went to the floor, though I do remember that while I was there the healers removed my shoes. Soon I was feeling like something had left me and I was different, though I didn’t yet know in what way.
After the Healing Voices moved on, I gradually got to my feet. This time, I noticed the people on the ground as more than just objects. I wanted to look at them. I was interested in those lying on the ground and those who were standing. I noticed a circle of people standing nearby and slowly moved over to them, finally joining them.

Later in the healing process I saw, still as a medium for the healing powers, that Amy, now in the systemic role of “that what obviously remained from the bomb above the earth’s surface” was slowly walking towards other representatives of the constellation. The healers walked right through her announcing to the group that the “atomic bomb” now is only air.

The experience of being the atomic bomb changed dramatically after the Healing Voices. Before, I felt strong and careless of what effect I might have on anything and anyone. Afterwards, I felt like a part of the circle and belonged with them. I felt calm and peaceful, and more like a part of the whole picture rather than something outside of it that wanted to destroy it.

Interesting was that the victims of the atomic bomb, who were represented in the constellation by three people, were totally at peace after that.

“Healing Voices” always have this effect on souls who obviously were even after decades caught in the trauma of sudden, violent death.
The peaceful atmosphere in the traumatic fields of the past makes it much easier for the descendants of the victims and even the perpetrators to let those energetic burdens go which they carried so long for their ancestors and get ready to use their energy for a better present and future life.

Suggested exercise:

Sit on a calm place of your choice. Visualize any traumatic event in the history of your family of origin. Then close your eyes and silently invite “All female and male healers of all times” to heal your system and yourself if they want and if they can.
Then sit for at least ten minutes or longer and open up for that what might be changing.


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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