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How to find the real energetic cause of a disease or a symptom in a Symptom-Constellation

To really have a chance to heal a disease or a symptom with a Symptom-Constellation you first have to find out where the real energetic cause of the problem is. There is an energetic cause to every disease, every symptom and every problem. You might not find it where you expect it, but you can be sure that it is somewhere. There are basically four sources of burdening and sickening energies:
There are basically four sources of burdening and sickening energies:

  1. Trauma in the family of origin, which a member of a former generation experienced in the past, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent and so on. This is the most frequent cause.
  2. Trauma in the “Present family”. The present family is the family, which you are founding yourself in this life. Members are former, present and future love partners and own children including the miscarriaged and aborted.
  3. Trauma, which you experienced yourself in this life, in childhood, youth or later. 
  4. Trauma, which you experienced yourself in a former life. Everybody has multiple former incarnations. All the unresolved traumata of former incarnations are energetically imprinted in the energetic field of a person. Depending on the present life situation those traumata can cause symptoms or a diseases or other problems. This is not seldom. About 30 % of all my clients show this energetic background of their symptoms.

Now the problem is how to find out which of those four possible sources is the relevant one for the presented problem.
Every facilitator of
systemic constellation work knows, that the facilitator should not at all have any preconceived ideas where the cause of a problem might be. Every rigid imagination is blocking your sight. You might not see the real energetic cause once it appears in the constellation.
But many family constellators still search only in the family for the cause of the trouble, because often they just don’t know about the other possibilities. You can always find something in the family of origin which potentially could cause the actual trouble. But if it is not the real cause, you might not be helpful for the client, because the real cause is unseen and still is energetically active in the unconscious energy field of the client.

To avoid a situation like that in which you just cannot find the energetic cause or happen to identify the wrong one, it is crucial to first know about the four possible causes and then to have a valid and reliable method at hand to really identify the energetic cause in the right layer of the energy field.
During the years I developed a test which meets these requirements. It turned out to be powerful and reliable. I call it the Four-Column-Test.

I use this test pretty much in the beginning of a Symptom-Constellation. Before I start the test, I first set up three positions:

  • The client
  • The symptom, disease or the presented problem 
  • The message of the symptom, disease or problem

The position “Message” is very important because it often gives you much more information about the background than the symptom or disease itself. 
After those positions showed their information out of the knowing field, I start the test. I do the following:I define a position somewhere in the outer circle of the constellation and call it
 “Family of origin”and step into this position. This is not a person, it is an area, including all the family members in a pool, parents, grandparents and all the ancestors, to see whether this area shows a connection to the actual problem.
One of the four basic reactions normally show:

  • The right arm goes out and shows a connection. This is the father’s side.
  • The left arm goes out and shows a connection. This is the mother’s side.
  • Both arms lift and show a connection. Then it is both sides and there is an energetic burden from father’s and from mother’s side.
  • A gesture, which means “No, I am not connected”. This gesture is often a shrug or head shaking.

Now you know already whether the family of origin is involved or not, and if it is the father’s or the mother’s side of the family.
But even if the family of origin does show a connection to the actual problem I continue with the test, because sometimes there are double-connections to different areas. This is fairly rare. But to continue with this test trains your skills. You become more experienced and settled with this test over time.

The next column of the test is the area of the “Present family”. Of course, I choose a different place for every position in the whole test.
Compared to the family of origin this area shows a connection much less frequently. But it is necessary to test this area to not miss a connection.
The reactions which show in this position vary, but either mean connection or no connection.

The next column is a personal trauma of the client in this life, childhood, youth or later. I define this position as “Personal trauma of (name of client) in this life, which might be connected to the actual problem”.
It is important to really name this position precisely like that. It is always important in a constellation to name position as precisely as possible to not get mixed and confusing information from the informational field.
The reactions which show there also vary, but again express either connection or no connection.

The last but not least column of this test is “A former life of (name of client) which might be connected to the actual problem”. 
This part of the test is important because a former life issue is the second frequent cause of trouble after the family of origin, which is the most frequent one.
The reactions which show there also vary, but again express either connection or no connection. Often the reactions in this position already show aggression, giving you the information that an aggressive trauma can probably be found there.

Following these instructions you can easily integrate now the Four-Column-Test in the constellation you facilitate. After you did this test you most probable will know in which area the real energetic cause of the problem is. Now you can ask the client specific questions to the area involved, what happened in the family of the father, or the mother, or in the present family or what happened in childhood of the client.
In case that a former life showed a connection to the problem asking the client questions does not help. The client normally does not know anything about this former life. But the constellation will show what happened and how the unresolved trauma links to the symptoms of the client. 
Which techniques you can use and which systemic positions you need to bring light into a former incarnation will be part of my online-course “Symptom-Constellations” which will be available soon. 
In this course I will also talk about the different layers of a Symptom-Constellation and what you can do once you know exactly where the cause of the trouble is, what kind of trauma it is und who was involved.

If you are interested to take this online-course and learn more about Symptom-Constellation and this powerful healing tool, you can subscribe to my English newsletter. In this way you will be automatically informed as soon as this course goes online.


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