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The Energy Field is an important part of the picture

Energy fields are absolutely necessary for life processes to function. The earth’s magnetic field shields us from deadly cosmic radiation, our brain functions only with energetic connections and the modern technical energetic fields provide us with information and make worldwide communication possible.

Humans, too, are energetic beings, in fact pulsating energetic beings. All life processes are driven by energy, every movement in the cells of our body, every emotion, every thought, every idea. The atmosphere in which we live every day is the product of energetic influences of various origins. The energetic dress in which we humans are embedded determines our mood, affects our energy level, stimulates or restrains the unfolding of our personality, opens up or blocks life paths, facilitates or sabotages professional opportunities, boosts or slows down the flow of money into our pockets, sets the standards for joy in life or the degree of experienced depression.
The energetic atmosphere, which feels different for each person, can provide us with iron-like health, like a protective armor, but also can cause illness or build up other life barriers.

Most people don’t know about the energy fields in which they live and which determine their lives. However, if you want a healthy life and the full unfolding of your personality, it is of great advantage to know all the energetic fields in which you live every day.

The supportive energies are not the problem. They are just here, will not leave and have a great source. You just need to agree to them. They unfold by themselves when the disturbing and stressful energies disappear.

Dämonen von hinten

But you should actively take care of the burdensome parts of your energy field. First of all you have to get to know them. This is not so easy, since these energies normally escape consciousness and therefore unfolded their negative effects unhindered for years or decades already.

There are basically three sources of oppressive energies:

  • Unresolved trauma in this life
    As a result, anxiety in certain situations, fear of intimacy or not understood rage can be „inscribed“ into one’s own energy field and be activated in situations slightly reminiscent of the trauma.
    Examples of trauma: separation from the family as a child, life-threatening accidents, sexual abuse, rape, kidnapping, war experiences et cetera.

  • Unresolved trauma in a previous life.
    This usually concerns a trauma of a violent death. The mortal agony which was associated with the trauma in the previous life sometimes manages to cross the line between incarnations and engraves into the energy field of the present life. This fear comes to surface when a similar situation happens nowadays.
    Examples of traumas in past life that may still be relevant today and therefore regularly appear in symptom constellations:
    Violent death (for example burning at the stake, hanging, decapitating), torture, violent separation of lovers

  • Unresolved trauma in previous generations of the family.
    Here you did not experience the trauma yourself, but somebody in a former generation of your family did, for example a parent or grandparent. The burdened energies are transmitted to you through the generations by unconscious epigenetic processes.
    The possible effects are manifold. In the energy field of people who suffer from transgenerational burdens, you find depression, the risk of suicide, anxiety, mental illnesses, for example borderline syndrome or schizophrenia, but also physical diseases of all kind and multiple body symptoms like pain, rashes or dysfunction of organs. But also “minor” disturbances in life such as lack of happiness in a couple relationship or in professional life, or even a general discontent in otherwise good living conditions can have their cause in transgenerational burdens.

These oppressive energy fields are located not only in the immediate environment but also infiltrate the body and have a profound effect on every single body cell. Therefore, they are really a problem which urgently needs solution and healing.

The best method to find out more about the energy fields you live in is the systemic constellation work. You get deep insights into the condition of your body and your soul, plus you have the opportunity to get rid of the burdening energies. This healing movements already happen during the constellation, often supported by the shamanic healing method “Healing Voices”. The healing energies which work in “Healing Voices” are great experts in dealing with disturbing energies in your field. I experience these astonishing healings daily in my doctor’s office in Germany and my workshops worldwide.
When the oppressive energies diminish and disappear, the supportive energies take over. Health grows and physical beauty develops, radiating from within. Talents unfold, personal happiness increases, contentment arrives and professional success expands. All you have to do then is to agree. Life develops positively and innovatively by itself. All you have dreamed of will happen, plus things which you never imagined before.


You have the key in your hands.


Gather your courage and do a systemic constellation of your energy field. This is possible in a one-to-one session in my doctor’s office or worldwide via Skype.

Specific exercises will arise only from the systemic constellation!


Karl-Heinz Rauscher

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